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Dec 29
as per XKCD! Next thing we'll know we'll be in hibernation mode.. that's surely safe!

Posted by Donald Tabone

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Aug 12

Google Opt Out Feature Lets Users Protect Privacy By Moving To Remote Village


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Jun 23
Oh no..

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May 8

Now I lay me down to sleep
I pray that safe my apps will keep
If hacked they be before I wake
I pray it was a (DEV || OPS) mistake


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Apr 22

Source: XKCD

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Mar 27
Robert Dutu
Today is Friday - and that's good because there is a long weekend round the corner. Unfortunately for me though these coming weeks I'm cramped down doing my thesis and preparing for my final June exams =(

To humor me G has fished this from ... and I couldn't help not sharing! Click the thumbnail for this post and you'll understand why I rolled over with laughter...

Yesterday's presentation entitled 'The realm of Digital Forensics' went great! Good turnout, engaged audience and healthy discussions. I was pleasantly surprised to see a balanced mix of people include females. I would like to thank Gordon and Anthony of the local ISACA chapter for having given me this opportunity to give my talk. The powerpoint presentation is available on request.

Finally, we DO have a March competition winner. So thanks to all those who send in their entries for the competition. We will be announcing the winner on Twitter - so if you haven't joined yet, get cracking... and follow us.

Posted by Donald Tabone

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Feb 9

Welcome to the real world via XKCD - never mind Truecrypt :-P

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Posted by Donald Tabone

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Jan 7

So talk about strong authentication --- here comes a animated film from Dreamworks in March 2009 called Monsters Vs. Aliens. Trailer is hilarious and starts with an example of what could be called "very strong authentication" :-) :) :-) can't wait to see what more they come up with.

Echoing this post

Posted by Donald Tabone

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Dec 21

Following a recent incident at a press conference in the Middle East, it would be ok to think the pics content might actually materialise .... =)

... very much in line with Schneier's arguments in the first part of his book re. airport security and the general attitude towards make an environment more secure... i.e. you might think you are actually more secure by implementing more controls, but are you, really? Lots more of this on Schneier's blog or in chapter 9 of his new book (Chap 9: Psychology of Security)


Posted by Donald Tabone

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Nov 10
Here's a top 10 list of things to do to rehabilitate if you want to take a break from being secure. If you're thinking paranoia, think again. Reading up on a post on there is a list of things you can (but should not) do.

Step 1: Sign up for a MySpace account. Facebook is fine too. Actually why not all of the social networking platforms? It’s easier to keep in contact with everyone if you do. Make sure to fill out each form field completely and accurately!

Step 2: Pick a password that is easy to remember and make sure to write it down on a sticky note. Feel free to tell your friends in case they want to use your account too. Better yet, make a list of all your passwords and change them all - to “password”. If someone is annoying and makes you use a number, “password1″. An upper case, a number and a special character use “Password+1″. Now tear up that pesky list you just made. You’re living easy now aren’t you?

Step 3: Download every third party widget, gadget, movie, game you can think of onto your social networking profile. Cuz that’s fun. And make sure to put every gory detail about who you are, where you live, what your birthday is, what your mother’s maiden name is, what you like and dislike, etc…. And feel free to update it regularly with any and all personal information that may have changed. That way people can get to know you better.

Step 4: Log into your newly created webmail account and email all your friends your likes and dislikes. Don’t forget to enable HTML rendering so you can see all the neato pictures! And don’t feel afraid of hitting reply to those spam emails. That’ll help them know that you’re not interested.

Step 5: Start downloading toolbars and desktop applications galore so that you can get your real time stock quotes, shop for beanie babies and know what the weather is like in Iceland at all times.

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Posted by Donald Tabone

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